The Doozies

Dadoo is the father, the coach, the teammate, the pet-trainer, and the primary mediator between his children and the world. He’s a biomedical research scientist who manages a core lab at the University closeby.

Mama is the mother, the nurturer, the cooker of most meals, the finder of lost shoes, and the homeschooling director. She’s a physical therapist by profession, wearing that hat most Saturdays, as well as occasional weekdays.

Tiern is our eldest, an 8 year old athlete, musician, and animal lover who gets his work done quickly so that he can move on to learning what he wants. He most enjoys spending time with Dadoo, but will still give hugs to his Mama.

Little Miss is our beloved daughter, a 7 year old spitfire who can hold her own in any games with her brothers.  She is just as content, though, to invent and enter into her own world with her little toys.

Dood Locka, our 4 year old, is a boy after his father’s heart. He has a mellow temperament, dislikes being out of favor with anyone, and does surprisingly well keeping up with his older brother athletically.

Cian is our 2 year old lover-of-balls. “No” is his first answer to any suggestion, but he’s willing to negotiate most of the time. His fiery personality makes up for his littleness in the lineup.

Tiger Baby is our newest addition. His birth was the smoothest of all the children, and his babyhood is going just as smoothly. He smiles and coos at his older siblings, and stays happy as long as he can see what’s going on around him.



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