The Doozies

Dadoo is the head of the household, the father, the coach, the teammate, the pet-trainer, and the primary mediator between his children and the world.

Mama is the heart of the household, the mother, the nurturer, the cooker of most meals, the finder of lost shoes, and the daytime tutor regarding manners and discipline.

Tiern is the eldest, a 4 year old athlete, musician, and superhero who loves playing with Dadoo but will still snuggle with his Mama.

Little Miss is the beloved daughter, a 2 year old sweetheart who plays well with her brother, but is just as content to invent and enter into her own world with her little toys.

Our youngest, Dood Locka, was born in July 2013. He has a mellow temperament, delights in watching his siblings play, and drools more than any child we have ever known.

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