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Morning Dance Party


Miss Instructor

Video: Little Miss has been enjoying Mama’s exercise videos. But she’s improving the technique and overall experience.

Locka Socka

Video: Inspired by the German victory, Dood takes to the soccer ball.

Life-sized ramp

Video: Inspired by the ball ramp, Locka climbs the life-sized ramp.

Ball Ramp

Locka plays with new birthday present.

Birthday Boy

Video: Locka opens a birthday present from Auntie E. and Uncle T.

How many treats can fit into Dood’s mouth?

Answer: probably a good bunch.


Pony time


Dadoo: “What are you going to do today Tiern?”

Tiern: “I don’t know…”

Expressing a sigh of monotony he continues: “Perhaps I will play ponies with Miss.”

A few minutes later Tiern enters the room and warns: “OK Miss, I’m ready to play ponies. But if you’re going to cry, I won’t play anymore!”

Lefty Favoritism


Out of the blue Tiern tells me: “Uncle Tim is my favorite Uncle.”

Dadoo: “Why’s that?”

Tiern: “He bats lefty!”

It’s a baseball thing…