Game time:

Big Game

Photo: Dood Locka is pumped-up for gold medal hockey: Canada versus Sweden.

Update: For some reason, I thought the Czechs had made the finals for the Gold medal, but they lost in the quarterfinals. Because I’m so busy these days, it’s easy for me to lose track. I probably watched 5% of what I hoped to in Sochi. Nevertheless, did it really matter who Canada played for Gold? Will anyone dethrone Canada and stop them from winning a third straight gold in Pyeongchang in 2018 or will the NHL owners hustle the pros out of the Olympics?


About Dadoo

A Catholic family man and scientist who finds solace in little joys and adventures. Turning to comedy, inspiring stories and music to lift spirits along the rugged road.

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    • It is crazy. Three weeks ago Locka could barely sit up. Now if he’s on his back, he can roll over and push-up to a sitting position in less than a second. Just like that, he’s crawling into all sorts of trouble

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