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Pyrrhic victory


Photo: Little Miss decided to join the nap-time party or the 10th inning of the Mets vs. Phillies game was too riveting to stay awake. Unlike Dood Locka, Little Miss will be in true form later on this evening.


Hey Bird,

Yellow warbler

Photo: A male yellow warbler sings his heart out.

Hey bird,

That’s such a drab branch you are perching on, but you’re definitely not. I love the way your warbling makes Spring so much more delightful. Proves again I’ve never seen a yellow warbler I didn’t like.



Photo: Uncle Tim might think this is a big contradiction. However, Tiern thinks he’s taking a balanced approach.

Tiern started off the T-ball season in a state of malaise. Thankfully his interest level picked-up steam towards the end. Last week, he hit the ball twice into the outfield. Now his favorite part of T-ball isĀ  the post-game festivities. After all his teammates clear the field, he quickly gobbles his team snack, and we play a game together, just us two. Similar to a special warm and fuzzy feeling one gets when invited to an after-party, Tiern is totally enthralled by the after-game.


Video: Dood Locka new thrill is standing up.



Photo: I’ve just witnessed a rare event.

Standing Tall


Photo: All of a sudden, Dood Locka started to stand up on his own. Only a few more weeks until he’s walking.

Hey Bird,


Photo: Two American goldfinches living the good life high in the hills of Cache County.

Hey Bird,

Feathered-flight must be so much fun. I wish I could fly. If I could, I’d fly with you guys.

Finding his legs

Bird Fest

Great Horned OwlPelican

Artwork: Top, this may resemble an orc, but it is a Great horned owl. Bottom, a brown Pelican.

Because last weekend was Bird Fest, birds were in the air and grabbed enough of Tiern’s imagination that he drew a couple of striking birds for me.

On a single day, my birding team helped me break my personal best of 135 species of birds in a single day. My new record is set at 162. Might be a while before I have a chance to top this number. I also saw 8-10 new species.


Super Bush Baby