Monthly Archives: June 2014

Grassy Home Run

Tiern’s last bat of the season.


Lefty Favoritism


Out of the blue Tiern tells me: “Uncle Tim is my favorite Uncle.”

Dadoo: “Why’s that?”

Tiern: “He bats lefty!”

It’s a baseball thing…



Maternal influence


When we head out back, Tiern and I scan for Caomhan’s feces before the kids start to play.

A few days ago, as we searched for these yucky findings, suddenly Tiern exclaims: “Holy Crap! There’s a huge poop.”

Yep, it’s undeniable. Mama influences the kids vocabulary one phrase at a time.

I’m sure the kids have picked up some doozies from their Dad.

Update: By happenstance, we were watching the NBA finals. It was the first game we have watched this season, and ultimately the last. Towards the end of the game, there seemed to be a continuous interruption of commercials. ABC kept on replaying one particular commercial. In this commercial, Tim McGraw uses his guitar and whacks a basketball into the hoop. After we watch this Little Miss says, “Oh my gosh, Now that’s a cool commercial!” I dunno…Perhaps it has something to do with Tim McGraw.