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Is it weird for short guys to be with tall girls?

Apparently, it is a problem for Tiern.

As we were strolling in the park together yesterday, a couple walked ahead of us holding hands.

Tiern: “Why is that short man with a tall lady, Dadoo?”

Mind you, we were within hearing distance, so I tried to ignore his question.

When I didn’t respond, Tiern asked the question again, but much louder.


Dadoo: “I don’t know Tiern.”

Tiern: He vents an unsatisfied “Awwk (says this when he’s frustrated) Dadoo.” And even louder “WHY IS THAT SHORT MAN WITH THAT TALL LADY?”

The couple now looking behind with slight frowns on their faces.

Dadoo (embarrassed, but trying to be diplomatic). “They look perfectly matched to me.”

Tiern: “Hugh…But why are they perfectly matched?” Struggling to understand the why this phenomenon could be possible.

Dadoo: “Well, how about we go look at the waterfall and talk about it over there.”

Tiern: “Ok.” He runs over to the waterfall, seemingly forgetting about this couples height mismatch.

If this episode is any indication, bet I’m going to have quite a few conversations with Tiern on the ways of the World.



What do you do when you’re blue?

Color a cheery rainbow moose.


Coloring by Little Miss.

The Great Stare-off:


Photo: What is proper etiquette within the confines of an off-season grape hut, filled with perfectly child-sized wooden furnishings?


Got to be intense to be worthwhile though…

Dinner Conversations:

Dadoo and I went to a talk last night, given by an amazing woman who has raised 13 children. The talk was entitled, “Raising Catholic Children with Humor and Prayer.” I’m already enjoying her book with a similar title: “Outnumbered!: Raising 13 Kids with Humor and Prayer.”

One of the items she emphasized in her presentation was the importance of eating together. She cited many statistics showing better outcomes in academics and social stability for children whose families regularly share meals together. And she spoke from experience, assuring us that something sacred happens when you faithfully sit down together as a family for meals.

This evening during dinner, we had our own unique dynamics going on.

Since I worked this afternoon, Dadoo and the children were telling me about their outing at a local arboretum. It was somewhat barren compared to how it will be when spring arrives, and Dadoo was reminding the children of a grapevine maze that they saw, which was really only a frame of wires, without leaves.

Dadoo: “Remember? Where you bumped your head? That will be like a tunnel when the grapes grow in this summer.”


Photo: Tiern moments prior to bumping his head.

Tiern: “Oh! Yes, I me-member.”

Little Miss: “Well, I didn’t bonk my head.”

Dadoo: “No, Miss, I don’t think you’re big enough to bonk your head on that. You’ll be able to run full bore through that tunnel when it’s ready.”

Tiern: “Why Miss doesn’t bonk her head on it?”

Dadoo: “Because she’s probably only about 3 feet tall. You’re about 4 feet tall, and so your head can get bonked.”

Tiern: “Oh. What if you’re 5 feet?”

Dadoo: “Then you’ll definitely bonk your head.”

Tiern: “What if you’re 6 feet?”

Dadoo: “You would bonk into everything if you were that tall.”

Tiern: “What if you’re 10 feet??!!”

Dadoo: “Well, if you’re 10 feet, you’d have a really heard time getting into the tunnel.”

Mama: “Did you know that Grandpa is 6 feet?”

Little Miss: “Grandpa has 6 feet, but I only have 2 feet. Yes. And Dadoo has 2 feet, and Tiern has 2 feet.”

Tiern: “No, Miss. I have 4 feet.”

At this point, Little Miss bends over to look under the table, trying to verify Tiern’s claim of 4 feet.

Tiern: “See–one, two, …”

Dadoo: “Where are your other feet?”

Tiern: “Um, I think they’re in my bum.”

Dadoo: “No, we don’t say potty language at the table. We all have one bum, and two feet.”

Little Miss, nodding: “Yes.”

Thus concluded our evening of sacred dinner conversation. Tune in next time…

Pyrrhic Victory:


Photo: How do you nap in style? Sun glasses, of course.


Sunflower seeds

Photo: Guess who helped Dadoo feed the birds?

Tiern: “Dadoo, why do we put seeds on the picnic table?”

Dadoo: “Because they like it.”

Tiern: “I see.”

As I was talking to Little Miss, he sculpted his signature. He called it his special “t” cake… Yeah, birds love special “t” cakes.

The next morning Dadoo saw a big fat ring-necked dove going to town on Tiern’s sunflower “t”. I couldn’t take a picture because we were pressed to get to Mass.

But later…

After Mass, with my camera handy, Tiern’s “t” was all the rage with the Dark-eyed junkos. We’re talkin’ fightin’ for the best spot in Da’ Yad’. Serious business, indeed.

Dark-eyed junko

Because of this success, I think we’re going to be making many more special “t” cakes.


Growing-up fast

Photo: It is often said, kids grow-up in a flash. Our kids are not escaping this reality.



The headlamp is the best way to read a bedtime story, especially for our night owl, Little Miss.

Maximum Comfort:


Photo: It might look slightly unorthodox, but sometimes we need to jockey for the best position. In this instance, notice how Dadoo got jockeyed right out of the bed. Hmm…something has just caught my fancy. I think we can construct the alphabet, making each letter out with our bodies, one letter at a time.



Photo: This particular evening was a long fought battle of endurance, patience and feistiness. I happened to be talking to her about the book she was reading. Moments later, I watched her keel over. And, she was gone. We couldn’t believe how fast she passed out.