Happy Mother’s Day

We began our day like most Sundays. Mass was offered for Mama’s maternal grandmother, which was a surprise, since we were not aware that today would be the day that our pastor chose to offer that intention from our All Souls Day donation last November. After Mass,  we dropped Mama off at work. Because our budget happens to tight right now, my bag of surprises was somewhat restricted.

More than anything else, family time is the most important thing in our lives. To our surprise, Mama was  able to leave work early. Before she returned home, the kids and I walked to a neighborhood restaurant to pick out some specialty chocolates. The kids were so enthusiastic, they could barely contain themselves. Mama beat us home. As we were walking up the stairs to the house, I handed Little Miss the bag of chocolates. I opened the door and she ran in to greet Mama, faster than I could get there. According to Mama, Little Miss exclaimed: “It’s a-prize, It’s a-prize,” with contagious excitement, jumping up and down. Mama opened it and saw that it was a bag full of delight.

“Are you going to eat it, Mama?!” Little Miss insisted. “Right now??”

Mama decided to wait for a special moment to enjoy the chocolate.

I think what made today most extraordinary and unusually special was that we took a nap together. The older children watched a movie, and Locka slept while we both caught up on some sleep. I don’t think this has happened in more than three years.

Being well-rested, everyone had a lot of energy to burn off, so we decided to go for a hike on a new trail together. I spent some of my energy convincing Little Miss to calm her tantrum of a  protest and join us in getting ready to head out. It was a windy Spring day, and the wind increased in strength as we hiked higher into the foothills. Tiern acted the part of Legolas, and I was Gandalf. Little Miss followed at a distance as Super-Pony with wings, and Mama brought up the rear with Locka. We didn’t see a lot of birds, but a Lazuli Bunting flew across our path at the very end and an American Kestrel hovered above near our car. We also saw a few snowflakes at the top of the peak we ascended, and there were beautiful wildflowers which welcomed us along the trail. Homemade chocolate chip cookies sustained us until we could return to the car, and head home to conclude our success of a Mother’s Day.

Mama's day 2014-4 Mama's day 2014-2Flower1 Flower3



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