Bird Nerd

There is not much that will convince Dadoo to willingly rise from his bed before 7am.

But he will set his alarm clock for as early as 5am, if it means he is going bird watching.

This morning it was after 6am when I was in Dood Locka’s room, dozing in the rocking glider as he nursed back to sleep. I heard the familiar trill of the broad-tailed hummingbird, visiting our feeder only for a short time before the weather turns hot. I rose and went to the window to watch as he sat on the feeder, sucking the sugar water.

And then I saw them. Not one, but two lazuli buntings. They, too, only come to our backyard for a few days every spring. I’d seen one a few days ago, but Dadoo had yet to sight one this year.
I said out loud, but still quietly, “Lazuli Bunting.” That was enough to make him stir. A few seconds later, he was standing next to me with his glasses on, admiring our bright blue visitors.

A quiet moment this morning before they both flew off. Who knows? This might have been the last time we see them this year.


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