A Pink Pony

As we were sitting around the table eating lunch, Tiern asks: ‘Why don’t ponies wear shoes?”

Dadoo: ‘Ponies don’t need shoes because their barefoot hoof acts as a shoe; it is the most important part of the pony. If a pony is healthy, it has a healthy looking hoof.’

Tiern: ‘The pony hoof doesn’t look like a shoe.’

Dadoo: ‘The pony hoof is made of a keratinized structure, kind of like your fingernails, but bigger. It allows the pony to run on any type of ground surface or in any type of weather, even when it’s cold outside.’

Tiern: ‘Oh, really.’

Dadoo: ‘Next time we see a pony, we should take a close look at some hooves, they are fascinating structures.’

Tiern: ‘When we get a pony what color will it be?’

Little Miss interjects assertively: ‘It will be pink.’

Tiern: ‘I don’t think they come in pink Miss.’

Little Miss: ‘Yes they do!’

Tiern: ‘What color are ponies Dadoo?’

Dadoo: ‘They can be white, brown, black, and sometimes a mixture of these colors.’

Tiern: ‘Oh.’

Little Miss: ‘Well…(head tilted) ponies can have some pink in them.’

Dadoo: ‘I guess it’s possible Miss.’

Tiern: ‘I’ve never seen a pony with pink fur before. How would a pony have pink fur?’

Dadoo: ‘Someone could dab a little pink paint on a pony, I suppose.’

Little Miss; ‘We should get a pink pony for my birthday.’

Dadoo: ‘If we are in the market for a buying a pony, we’ll be sure to get a pink one.’


About Dadoo

A Catholic family man and scientist who finds solace in little joys and adventures. Turning to comedy, inspiring stories and music to lift spirits along the rugged road.

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