New character alert!

Tiernan is now Legolas, for the foreseeable future. No, he has not read the books, nor seen the LOTR movies (nor will he, for some time). However, he has watched Orlando Bloom take down the oliphaunt numerous times, thanks to youtube.

His present goals in life are to grow his hair really long, and to be able to shoot arrows accurately.

For his birthday, he would like Legolas clothes, a long wig, a sturdy bow, and arrows.

Meanwhile, he’s been running around the neighborhood wearing one of my extra-long hoodies, cut open in front for the flowing effect. His sheath is attached to his belt, which is slung diagonally over his shoulder instead of around his waist. In it he carries the thinnest of our paintbrushes for arrows, and has created a bow from cardboard and cloth.

His obliging sister is having trouble with the name. “Nicholas” is the closest she’s come.


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