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Sock or not to sock is the question:


As we prepare to leave for Red Butte Garden…

Dadoo: “Little Miss, you need to find one more sock.”

Little Miss: “I do not!”

Dadoo: “Why do you have only one sock on Miss?”

Little Miss:”I want one sock.”

Dadoo trying to finesse: “I don’t think they let little girls into Red Butte with one sock, they need two to get in Miss.”

Little Miss: “ok, I will find one more sock.”

A few minutes later she finds another sock in her room, and puts it on herself.

Little Miss: “I’m ready to go to Red Butte with my socks.”

Update: We never made it to Red Butte because we had bigger problems than missing socks. Tiern was the most disappointed; his expectation was set the highest. When I told him we would delay our visit, his eyes balled-up. I consoled him and tried to convince him that we have a year-long membership and that we will go many times over the course of this year. Perhaps tomorrow.


Game time:

Big Game

Photo: Dood Locka is pumped-up for gold medal hockey: Canada versus Sweden.

Update: For some reason, I thought the Czechs had made the finals for the Gold medal, but they lost in the quarterfinals. Because I’m so busy these days, it’s easy for me to lose track. I probably watched 5% of what I hoped to in Sochi. Nevertheless, did it really matter who Canada played for Gold? Will anyone dethrone Canada and stop them from winning a third straight gold in Pyeongchang in 2018 or will the NHL owners hustle the pros out of the Olympics?


Last weekend, while preparing for Farmington…

Dadoo: “Is everyone ready?”

Everyone unanimously: “No!”

Dadoo: “Why not?”

Everyone: “We are not ready yet!”

Dadoo: “Well, let’s get ready.”

As always, IT is a huge undertaking to leave the house.

Farmington is the easy part. The main difficulty is moving through the front door in one piece. We encounter a million hang-ups before we even step out the front door.

Then little Miss asks: “May I please bring the rosemary?” Fluttering her eyelashes and a matching big beautiful smile.

Dadoo: “Rosemary?”

Little Miss: “Yes, rosemary please.”

Dodoo perplexed as to why she would need a cooking herb on our birding walk: “Why do we need rosemary Miss?”

Little Miss: “Cuz I like it.”

I was imagining her munching on a twig of rosemary as a snack.

Then she raises her so-called rosemary over her head… “Please Dadoo.”

Dadoo: “A-ha, the rosary.”


Little Miss might be onto something here. Reciting the rosary while birding. Spiritual fusion at its best.

I was pleased to finally make it out the door to do some exploring at Farmington with the kids. I’m so glad we did because the kids saw their first wild Great horned owl.



My sister, Miss Brigh, has been on a trip to Ireland this past week. During  her adventure, she passed through our old stomping grounds and sent me a few photos.

Our Lady of St. John's2

Photo: Our Lady of St. John’s in Carrigaline, Ireland. I celebrated my first communion in this church. I remember this church well.

Our Lady of St. John's

Photo: The sacristy and alter look exactly as I remember it when last saw it as a seven year-old. Whoa…Déjà vu is in over-drive right now. We’re talkin’ 33 years or so.


Photo: Miss Brigh posing outside with Our Lady of St. John’s bell. In the background, is the school I attended through second grade.

The Great Pirate Treasure:

Pirate Map

All ye Pirates. On this here map, right past the mermaids and the whales and mysterious islands lurks a Ghastly Gobbler of ships and men or whatever it finds appetizing. If you’re lucky enough to pass through this graveyard unscathed, a treasure of eye-popping worth awaits you. But beware, as soon as you open the treasure chest, you’ll become so mesmerized by the gems and gold, the Gobbler will snatch you from behind and eat you whole.

Hot Mallows:


Photo: Roasting marshmallows over an open fire. I guess they are ready for camping this Spring.

I don’t like that Sam:


Tiern: “What’s this sign say Mama?”

Mama: “I’m unsure what it says Tiern.”

Tiern: “It says it here right in this book,” handing her Dr. Suess’s “Green Eggs and Ham.”

Mama: “Oh, it’s the sign from Green Eggs and Ham that says I am Sam.”



Little Miss: “Locka is eating grass, again.”

Dadoo: “Why is he doing that Miss?”

Tiern: “Because he’s in the deer family.”

Dadoo: “Oh, is that so…”



We finally found the X as in “X-marks-the-spot”. Too bad we didn’t have a shovel handy.



Photo: We had a very special guest in our household today.