Sunflower seeds

Photo: Guess who helped Dadoo feed the birds?

Tiern: “Dadoo, why do we put seeds on the picnic table?”

Dadoo: “Because they like it.”

Tiern: “I see.”

As I was talking to Little Miss, he sculpted his signature. He called it his special “t” cake… Yeah, birds love special “t” cakes.

The next morning Dadoo saw a big fat ring-necked dove going to town on Tiern’s sunflower “t”. I couldn’t take a picture because we were pressed to get to Mass.

But later…

After Mass, with my camera handy, Tiern’s “t” was all the rage with the Dark-eyed junkos. We’re talkin’ fightin’ for the best spot in Da’ Yad’. Serious business, indeed.

Dark-eyed junko

Because of this success, I think we’re going to be making many more special “t” cakes.


About Dadoo

A Catholic family man and scientist who finds solace in little joys and adventures. Turning to comedy, inspiring stories and music to lift spirits along the rugged road.

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