…as told by Tiern:

Once upon a time, there was a little girl and boy. They ate too much medicine. Not for breakfast, not for lunch, not for tea-time, not for dinner. They ate it for breakfast, AND for lunch, AND for tea-time, AND for dinner. 

And for dessert. They even ate medicine for dessert. 

Then they died.

And they went to the cross, and they went to heaven with Jesus.

So that’s why we don’t eat medicine.


At least he’s retaining the warning? And there’s a happy ending.



A few days ago, I found Tiern and Little Miss under their bed with vials of Homeopathic Arnica, packets of Emergen-C, and cups of water that they had filled in the bathroom. It was a sticky mess to clean up, but worse than that was the knowledge that they had acquired the Arnica and the powder packets from our medicine cabinet. We do not keep anything harmful in that cupboard since we learned that Tiern could reach it, but they know that it is “off limits.”

Most of our medicine is now stashed away in a very inconvenient location; however, this means that sometimes I don’t put things away immediately, and they end up in that cupboard for a period of time. This is how it came to be that today, Tiern was holding a small container of Advil in his bedroom, heading for his closet to try to figure out how to open it. That led to a general freak-out session by Mama where I described in as much detail as I dared, the dire consequences of pharmaceutical overdose.


Little Miss, a few minutes later in the bathroom, “MaMAaa! I don’t need some PRY-vah-see!”
I wandered in, “What do you mean, you don’t need some privacy?”
Miss replied, “Um, I need some help.”


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