It just is…

As our children age, their personalities diverge in dramatic ways.

For example…

On Tiern’s own terms, he decided one day he would WILL himself to be potty-trained. Once he made a conscious decision de-diaper himself, he never looked back, and had relatively few accidents since.

Little Miss, however, is another bag of pistachios. Although she started her potty-princess training younger than Tiern, she is clearly going at her own pace. For the past 4 months, I play the delicate balance in my approach between being too casual in reminding her to “go potty” versus being too pushy, where she could throw an epic screaming fit.

A few days ago, when peace and quiet reigned through the house… I hear from a muted corner of the house…

Little Miss: “I need HEA-ELP!”

Dadoo: Suddenly my pulse quickened, I shot-up in search of trouble: “Where are you Little Miss?”

Little Miss: “I’m in the bathroom.”

Based on previous experience, a beckoned call of help from the bathroom could be either bad, or it could be dreadfully bad: “Have you gone potty yet?”

Little Miss: “Yes I did, but I need to take my jammies off.”

Dadoo: A sigh of relief, “Do you want to change into your play cloths?” (she still has her jammies on and it is past 3pm).

Little Miss: Quite receptively, “Ok!”

Dadoo: When I reach down to pull off the jammy pants bunched around her ankles, my hands sensed wetness, soaking wetness. “Little Miss, your jammies are all wet! How did that happen?”

Little Miss: “They just did.”

Dadoo: “Well, that’s good to know.” As I start pulling her jammies off her legs, a little deer pellet rolled out of her nickers, spun around, and settled onto the bathroom floor. “Woo, what’s that Miss?”

Little Miss: “I don’t know.”

We both studied it closely.

Dadoo: “It looks like a deer pellet to me Miss?”

Little Miss: “It does!”

Dadoo: “How did a deer pellet get in your nickers Miss?”

Little Miss: “Cuz it just is.”

Little Miss’s explanation for discovering a deer pellet in her nickers is a curious one. It’s revealing, but lacking in clarity, and the true meaning is probably beyond what I am capable of understanding. Little Miss may never elaborate on “It just is.” Some things in life are better left an untouchable mystery.


Photo: After closer inspection, Caomhan confirmed the pellets were deer-derived.


About Dadoo

A Catholic family man and scientist who finds solace in little joys and adventures. Turning to comedy, inspiring stories and music to lift spirits along the rugged road.

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