Home Sweet Home

Dood Locka by ctvireo
Dood Locka, a photo by ctvireo on Flickr.

Like the end of every workday, the kids hear me bring my bike down the backstairs to store overnight in the basement.

Kids: “Yippie Dadoo’s home!”

Tiern and Little Miss run to the door to greet me.

Dadoo: “Hello everyone!” Then I say funny hellos to Dood Locka, making him burst with cooing chuckles.

Tiern: Interrupting the merrymaking with Dood Locka, “Can I ride you like a horsy?”

Dadoo: “Well…”

Little Miss: “Can I go on your head?”

Dadoo: “Well…”

Tiern: “Com’on Dadoo, we want to ride you like a horse.”

Dadoo: “How bout you both ride me to the dinner table?”

Kids: “Yippie!”

I get on all fours to let them mount me.

Tiern: “Heeyaw, Heeyaw.” He whips me with his snot rag (of course I’m on the slow side).

Ah, the joys of fatherhood…


About Dadoo

A Catholic family man and scientist who finds solace in little joys and adventures. Turning to comedy, inspiring stories and music to lift spirits along the rugged road.

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