Mr. Nobody Stikes Again:

Photo: Morning of the 25th.

Tiern by ctvireo
Tiern, a photo by ctvireo on Flickr.

Photo: Sometime on the 27th.

I don’t know if any other families are like us, but we break things in our household at a freakish pace (new things are especially prone to this phenomenon). I was talking to my Dad a few days ago, and he shared my sentiment because he remembered a similar phenomenon when my siblings and I were young. Maybe our family has a genetic propensity for destroying undamaged goods. My Dad said when he would find something broken laying on the floor, he posed the question:

Dad: “How did this break?”

Kids: “We don’t know!”

Dad: “Somebody must know something about this?”

Kids: “We really don’t.”

Dad: “I knew it! Mr. Nobody strikes again!”

Mr. Nobody the scapegoat has moved on, apparently to our house, but has take on a new form of destruction. Our kids admit to breaking stuff, but when I ask them why, they say they don’t know.

In our house: “Mr. I don’t know” strikes again!”


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