Christmas borscht
Photo: Mama’s savory Polish Christmas Eve supper.

Sometime during supper:

Tiern: “Can I have some more of that white stuff? I really like it.”

Dadoo: “The potatoes?”

Tiern: “No, the other white stuff.”

Mama: “The borscht?”

Tiern: “No.”

Mama: “The eggs?”

Tiern: “No. Not that white stuff.”

Mama: “Oh, the opłatek. Here, finish Little Miss’s.”

Tiern: “Yum!”

Dadoo: “Do you know this meal is a Polish tradition?”

Tiern: “It’s yummy (popping another piece of kielbasa into his mouth).”

Dadoo: “Do you know you’re part Polish?”

Tiern: “Oh. …Are you Polish?”

Dadoo: “No, I don’t have any Polish in my family tree. But you get your Polish from Mama. All the kids have some Polish in them. You’re more similar to your siblings than I am to you.”

Little Miss: “I’m not Polish.”

Mama: “You are part Polish.”

Little Miss: “No I’m not.”

Dadoo: “Yes, Miss, you are part Polish.”

Little Miss: “No I’m not POLISH!”

Awkward silence…

Tiern: “Let’s eat some PIE!”

Dadoo: “Great idea.”

Christmas Eve Cherry Pie
Photo: Mama’s flavorsome Christmas Eve cherry pie.

Little Miss Pie
Photo: Well, for Little Miss, let’s say she’s more cream than pie (she had several helpings of cream, the pie underneath the cream topping went untouched). Where’s Grandpa G when you need him?


About Dadoo

A Catholic family man and scientist who finds solace in little joys and adventures. Turning to comedy, inspiring stories and music to lift spirits along the rugged road.

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