The Art of Manliness:

Adapted from Tigerclaw:

Society is flush with Metros, Urbanites, Hipsters and the like who are often characterized by a soft, gentler side. So in this era of lost toughness, I ask where have all the manly men gone? Obviously to Louisiana. The manliest man I know is our friend from the great State of Louisiana. Let’s nickname him Mr. Geaux Lainer as he’s been known to nap straight through nail-biting moments of critical LSU games. In truth, these napping habits are necessary only because Mr. Geaux Lainer is recharging his batteries for more exciting manly endeavors:

How do you measure manliness?

1. Exquisite body art.

Body art

2. Endlessly creative.


3. Resourceful.


4. Practical.


5. No piece of carcass goes unused.

Air freshner

6. Masterful in the Kitchen.


7. Bacon: super food of men.


8. Unrivaled cooking skills.

cooking skills

9. Unrivaled drinking skills.


10. Your TP matches your coarseness.


11. High risk, high reward behavior.

High risk, high reward behavior

12. Flexible under pressure.

Flexible under pressure

13. Thrives in dangerous situations.

Flys over trouble.

14. Dependable.


15. Clear-thinking.


16. You pal around with death machines.

Death machine

17. If it’s cheap, high-speed, and explosive; it thrills you.


18. Indestructible.


19. A bite of steel.


20. A true Renaissance Man.


21. Survived to tell how you ran 4 miles through the Siberian wilderness in negative 40 degrees Celcius conditions dressed in only shorts, t-shirt and a pair of slippers.

Siberian Times

Sources: Siberian times, downvids, hdhut.blogspot, news.naij, and other anonymous sources.


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