This morning, Tiern was play-acting his litany of superheros. He switched from hero to hero so fast, I could barely keep up (Superman, Superbunny, SuperMax, etc…).

Dadoo: “Hey, Superbunny! Can you come here?”

Tiern: “I’m not Superbunny. I’m SuperMax.”

Dadoo: “Sorry.”

Tiern: “Please call me SuperMax, Dadoo.”

Dadoo: “Ok.”

Tiern: “Say it, Dadoo! Say it!” Unrelenting.

Dadoo: “Ok, SuperMax.”

After a long period of play-acting, it seemed he desired something new–totally new (a superhero off his radar, perhaps).

Tiern: “What superhero did you like to be when you were a little boy?”

Dadoo: “Well, I was attracted to superheros who could only be found off the beaten path.”

Tiern: “Beaten path? Did these superheros beat bad guys up or something?”

Dadoo: “Not really beat them up per say, but arrested them when they stepped out of line.”

Tiern (probing): “What was your favorite superhero called?”

Dadoo: “My Dad used to tell a story of how I liked to be a superhero called Hippo-policeman. One day, my Dad came into my bedroom and asked what I was doing (I was probably 4 or 5). ‘I’m playing Hippo-policeman,’ I replied. My Dad pondered: How do you play Hippo-policeman? Handing my Dad a pair of underwear, I instructed him to put them on his head. ‘Let’s go get the bad guys,’ I said. Instantly my Dad burst into uncontrollable hysterics because a man with underwear on his head is a sight for sore eyes.”

Tiern (giggling, but curious): “Can we play Hippo-policeman?”

Dadoo: “Sure, Tiern!”

Tiern: “How do we play?”

Dadoo: “Well, you need to go into your room and get some underwear. Then put it on your head. It’s that simple.”

Enthusiastically giggling, he ran to his bedroom and started digging in his drawer for underwear. I followed Tiern and started digging around too.

Dadoo: “Look at this pair!” It had a combined pattern of batman and superman emblems.

Tiern: “Oh no! You can’t have that pair cuz it’s very, VERY special to me. How about this pair?” He handed me an alternate pair with Flash Gordon emblems on it. “Or you can have this one; it’s the Green Lantern.”

Dadoo: “Ok, I guess I’ll go with Flash Gordon.”

Tiern: “Dadoo, looks like we’re ready!”

Dadoo: “Umm…Not quite. We need to do something important, we need to rechristen this game by placing the underwear on our heads.”

Tiern (cracking-up more): “Ok!”

We both put them on over our heads. Staring into each others eyes, we couldn’t resist laughing.

Dadoo: “Perfecto!”

Tiern: “Now what do we do?”

Dadoo: “Let’s arrest some bad guys, and then hog-tie them.”

Tiern: “Let’s do it!”

We spent the next hour ruffing through the house, going outside in the fresh snow, and doing what Hippo-policemen do best: hunting down “the bad guys” and exploring other dangerous ideas.

After a 35 year hiatus, the Hippo-policeman returns!


About Dadoo

A Catholic family man and scientist who finds solace in little joys and adventures. Turning to comedy, inspiring stories and music to lift spirits along the rugged road.

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