Hey Bird,


Photo: This solitary fellow was seen at the Great Salt Lake Shorelands Preserve (June 2013).

White-faced Ibis (Plegadis chihi):

Summers in Central, Mountain, and Western US as well as Mexico and Northern Central America. Some birds winter in coastal Louisiana and California, while other birds migrate to Southern Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, and Northern Argentina. A tall wading bird that has a 39 inch wingspan. Their livelihood is tied to wetlands and flooded agricultural fields, having a strong preference for alfalfa.

Behavioral intrigue:

  1. Generally feeds 4-14 miles from nesting sites.
  2. Does not touch crop seeds, but voraciously eats any small animal in water, in mud, or on land.
  3. Nests in large colonies and some individuals participate in conspecific brood parasitism (genetically unrelated nestlings and half‐siblings can be found in broods).
  4. The male displays at nesting sites to attract females, and once a pair has bonded, they rub beaks and coo.

Mostly stable. However, increasing in the West, but declining in coastal Louisiana and Texas.

Hey Bird,
May I join you? Muck’in it up in that wading pool searching for edible critters must be so satisfying. Although, I could skip the consumption of snails and other soft gastropods because they don’t sit well in my stomach. But I wonder if the algae bloom in that pool is infusing your bird feet with copious amounts of phytonutrients. Hmm…


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