A skein of geese:

Oh boy! Oh boy! Sweet nickels of fire. I’m always stoked for any bird video that goes viral. Here, a large wave of migrating snow geese takes flight. I’m most fascinated by the dissonant honking as they pass overhead. It’s a cacophony of sound, usually connotated by an unpleasantness. But to me, it’s pure music to my ears. I only wish I had been there to hear them in full Dolby. This video captures how bird behavior continually surprises us, even at a moments notice. I cannot help notice Mr.OMG’s emphatic response. My dear Canadian, please, next time let’s stand behind the fence, and search for words that are little less distracting.

Opinion: 3 bird-stars

In case you are wondering: a flock of geese on the ground is called a gaggle, while a flock of geese in the air is called a skein.


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