Pyrrhic victory:

Little Miss is nearly three years-old, and sadly (for her parents), has long lost her daily naps. When she does nap, it happens irregularly and briefly, but we’re still delighted by these fleeting events. We consider any nap a victory, even short ones. However, our delight is short-lived because we know what she’s really doing is recharging her batteries for something special later on.

Today we plannedĀ  a full day of hiking. Like the rest of us, she hiked and hiked. Her little legs carried her as far as she could go before I had to carry her the rest of the way. Predictably, the first chance she had, her eyes closed themselves by their sheer weight. It was official, she was napping.

She took this short nap at around 4:30pm, at about 10:00pm, after lying in her bed for over an hour, Little Miss asked: “Can I play?” Saying this emphatically, her eyes were wide-open, and she seemed so so hopeful.

Realizing she was completely awake, I agreed: “How about a little bit.”

She counter offers: “How about lots and lots.”

So if she takes a nap, our little night-owl will be having an inevitable play party, way, way into the night.

Play party2

Photo: Note how she goes for the gold. Recently, Tiern has made this firetruck his primary play toy (It’s superman’s preferred mode of transportation). With Tiern fast asleep, no one can stop this uninterrupted high crime.

Guess who’s missing out on the after-party?

You said it.



About Dadoo

A Catholic family man and scientist who finds solace in little joys and adventures. Turning to comedy, inspiring stories and music to lift spirits along the rugged road.

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