It was a fierce battle.

Little Miss had a full day of playing. Dadoo took her to the park. She played some more. She took a splash in the tub, and then played some more. Miss Chuff came over as a reinforcement, and is a high level entertainer for our kids. Miss Chuff organized games and more playtime. They watched the BBC version of The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe (169 min). Her brother Tiern fell early, with little resistance, poor lad.

But Little Miss held strong, battling those droopy eyelids and fussy disposition. She resisted brushing her teeth (any parental instruction to brush teeth is always an imminent signal that the end is near). She lay on the couch, moved to her bed, moved back to the couch, and then moved to her parents’ bed (“Dadoo’s spot,” so she says). She rolled and rolled, under the blankets, on top of the blankets, under the blankets, and back on top. More rolling. Requests, requests, and more requests. Asking for treasures that she herself knew had no chance in the world of being granted (a herd of white ponies with pink saddles and a castle to house them). Crying. Crying. Whimpers. Softer whimpers. Crying. Whimpers. Softer whimpers.

Do we hear something?

A few soft whimpers…

Was the battle over?

Not yet. One last surge. She pleaded for Mama’s attention. As a less desirable alternative, she pleaded for Dadoo. As a last resort, she pleaded for anyone. She wondered why in the world it had come to this. Asked profoundly challenging philosophical questions. Crying. Whimpers. Softer whimpers. All was quiet.



Photo: Note the vertical leg position for complex sleepers. This is an ideal sleeping strategy for those who need to be on the move in the middle of the night.


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