Superheroes and Shots:

The children and I meandered over to the Pediatrician’s office for annual check-ups and shots. Tiern was on his bike, Little Miss was in the stroller, and Dood Locka snuggled down into the Ergo. It’s only about 3/4 of a mile from our house, and the day was cool and sunny.

I dread these visits. I dislike seeing my children get hurt, but it seems worse when I schedule the event and deliver them to the scene of discomfort myself. This was also my first visit where all three children would be receiving some sort of innoculation, and the idea of giving comfort to all of them was daunting.

Our pediatrician’s nurse is a comfortably large, British woman with a nurturing manner and a lovely accent. “Kume heah, luff,” she said to Tiern, “I’m go-nah see how much you why.”

She’s also awesome at giving the shots.
“Luke ovah theah at Mummy, Luff–theah we gow.”

Tiern said a brief, “Ow!”
Colette scrunched her face up for about 3 seconds (and she required two separate shots!).
Dood Locka didn’t even flinch–he just kept looking into my eyes and waving his arms at my face.

All was well, until later that day, when Tiern started complaining about his sore arm. His shoulder had some redness and swelling, and he willingly accepted ice to relieve the discomfort.

He also remembered a comment that Dadoo had made a few days prior, and asked me to clarify for him. “Mama, why didn’t Dadoo’s shot hurt him this time?”

“He said he thinks it’s because he received it right after he exercised at the gym, so the muscles worked it in without it getting sore.”

“Oh. Was he ex-a-sizin’ wif weights?”

“Yes.” I attempted to teach both Tiern and Little Miss the chicken dance, but by the looks on their faces while I demonstrated the moves, although priceless, indicated that they were not impressed.

The next thing I knew, I was searching Youtube for child-friendly exercise videos. Tiern set up a blanket on the living room floor (much like I set up my exercise mat) and even found a floor rack for his hand weights. He eagerly followed along to some dance moves and modified shoulder presses. He even did the Chicken Dance once or twice!

His form wasn’t great, but Superheroes in this house don’t like instruction. There was some definite dismay when his arm was still sore after his workout, but at least we have a plan in place for his next shot visit …in one month!



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