No kids, no idea:

Now here’s a comedy skit by Michael Mcintyre that is right down my alley:

Recently I opined to my dear wife that one of my greatest parental anxieties is the stress associated with leaving the house with the kids. Comparatively, it is a piece of cake getting them into the car, driving them to the hiking trail, hiking up and down the mountain together, getting back into the car, driving home, and going back inside the house. However, by far, the absolute most stressful event is LEAVING THE HOUSE.

Our house rule is that all shoes must be taken off and left at the front door. Despite our best efforts, the rule is easily broken because when pressed for time, no shoes can be found. Zip, nada, zilch. Eventually, post-found shoes are discovered in the strangest places. Last weekend was a classic example of this phenomenon.

“OK kids, let’s put on our shoes and head out to the car.” Then the inevitable…

Tiern: “Dadoo, Miss can’t find her shoes.”

Dadoo: “Why can’t she find her shoes?”

Tiern: “I don’t know!”

Dadoo: “They should be by the front door.”

Tiern: “I don’t see them anywhere.”

Dadoo: “Well, please look for them.”

Part of what makes shoe-hunting difficult is Little Miss has only a single pair that fits. No other comfortable alternative exists. In the thick of shoe-hunting, Mcintyre’s skit was spinning around my head. Shoe-hunting kills me because I’m stepping into the unknown.

We found her right shoe within minutes (…in the kitchen, which I’ll have to admit is a pretty useful place for storing shoes), but for love of sardines all hope was lost searching every nook-and-cranny for her left shoe. After 30 minutes I became so despondent I found myself on the back steps with my head between my legs. St. Anthony please help me! Recognizing my hopeless state, Tiern tried consoling me.

Tiern: “Come on Dadoo, I’ll help you find the shoe.”

Dadoo: “ok Tiern, we can do this.”

Together we set off with renewed energy.

Then…Behold! The left shoe. Oh the joy of finding what was lost. You beautiful left shoe. With you on Little Miss’s left foot, we can go far and wide and have many great adventures.

How does one little missing shoe cause so much despair?

Looking back in retrospect, I’m pleased our persistence kept the shoe hunt alive because everyone had an amazing hike.



About Dadoo

A Catholic family man and scientist who finds solace in little joys and adventures. Turning to comedy, inspiring stories and music to lift spirits along the rugged road.

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