Wiggles Tribute

Tiern loves watching the Wiggles. He loves imitating the Wiggles in instrumental music, song, dance, and plot line of their various DVD episodes. He especially loves to become the character named Murray, who plays the guitar. Murray always wears a red shirt, and we’re not quite sure whether Tiernan’s favorite color became red because of Murray’s shirt, or if Murray became his favorite character because he wears red.

One morning, when Tiern was about 2-1/2 years old, he was especially excited to model his behavior after Murray…

Tiern: I bwing the ‘tar.
Mama: Tiern, we’re going in the car to the vet. Your guitar won’t fit. You can bring a friend instead. [We call the stuffed animals “friends.”]
Tiern: Murray bwings his ‘tar in Big Red Tar.
Mama: But the Big Red Car has no roof. Your guitar won’t fit with you in your carseat… [Why am I arguing logistics with a 2 year-old?]

These days, now that he has reached the mature age of 4-1/2, we are trying to convince him that Murray plays the guitar right-handed. He is used to mirroring what he sees on the screen, so he has gotten into the habit of handling his guitar and his toy banjo as if he were playing left-handed.

Tiern is right-handed with every other activity, so we quickly figured out that the problem is his direct interpretation of what Murray is doing.

In order to try to re-orient him, I stand and face him, playing air guitar with the proper right-handed orientation. Then as I slowly turn around and stand side-by-side with him, Tiern becomes confused, because now I am somehow playing it wrong again!


The Wiggles are popular with Little Miss, as well.

At about 18 months old, referring to the hot apple cider I served for tea time one day, she told me, “I mant some moh’ rosy tea, pweese.”

One of the Wiggles characters is a large, bright green dinosaur with yellow spots named Dorothy, who sings and dances along with the rest of the cast. Her particular character trait is that she loves eating roses, and her favorite drink is “rosy tea.”

No matter what liquid we were actually drinking out of our little espresso cups at tea-time, it quickly became the universal “rosy tea” to Little Miss.

At least she doesn’t think she’s Dorothy.


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