A Favorite Store

When he was about 2-1/2 years old, Tiern came into the kitchen, apparently in need of a snack, but asked me for a “sample.”

These days, Little Miss–who is a little but older than 2-1/2–begins every outing, as she’s buckling into her carseat, with the suggestion, “Let’s go to Costco!”

They have their routine:
Tiern is assisted into the bucket of the cart, while Little Miss rides in the seat facing me.

Tiern holds up the member card as we walk in.

They are both on the lookout for samples as we navigate through the store.

Little Miss makes a collection of her small food items in the cart seat next to her, leisurely nibbling at this and that.

Tiern quickly finishes whatever morsel is contained in the small paper cup, then immediately scans his surroundings for a trash can.

After Tiern tries to toss his trash from afar, I retrieve it from the floor. It got to be difficult, bending down to the floor every few aisles, especially in the later stages of pregnancy. But now that I’m carrying Dood Locka in the Ergo, it’s not quite as vigorous a pose.

We try to have all of the samples consumed by the time we reach checkout, and this inevitably means that we need to wait for Miss to finish her smorgasbord. Meanwhile, Tiern is placated with promises of a smoothie if he waits patiently without incident.

The prize at the end of the checkout line is another line, which we choose to join in order for Tiern and Miss to split a Berry Smoothie. If Mama needs a treat, I also order a Mocha Frost.

Finally, it’s time to leave the store. Tiern holds the receipt out to the store representative at the door, and both children hold out their fists for a hand stamp.

They love this Costco ritual. It’s become a predictable, comforting activity in their young lives.


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