A Pile of Doozy

Dear Family and Friends,

Our blog is a joint venture, as are most aspects of a marriage. Astonishingly, parenting is unlike anything else. It forces people to make important decisions that leave indelible marks on their marriage, their children, and themselves. We are a typical Catholic family in the classic sense. However, our family is comprised of five unique individuals, making us a collection of Doozies (Dadoo, Mama, Tiern, Little Miss, and Dood Locka).

Our main goal is to record comical and sometimes heartwarming stories about our lives so we can remember them years from now. Our second goal is to use this blog as an interface with the greater culture at large. As we stare out into the the ever-expanding digital abyss of the internet, we wonder where should we begin? Based on our natural curiosities, we will entertain by commenting on current events or whatever strikes our fancy. As a practical matter, Mama will use her talents to discover simple yet tasty recipes and document whether they are worth repeating and Dadoo, well…he’ll just look for birds.

Put everything together, and you’ve got a Doozy of a pile. Anything could pop up, on any given day. We hope you enjoy our cataloging of life’s adventures.

Blessings and good cheer from the Doozies.


Welcome to our version of Pop Goes the Doozy!


About Dadoo

A Catholic family man and scientist who finds solace in little joys and adventures. Turning to comedy, inspiring stories and music to lift spirits along the rugged road.

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