The Intricacies of Imagination

How many of the arguments here revolve around pretend-play situations, instead of reality?

Probably over 50%.

Tiern gestures toward the end of their retractable measuring tape, “I’m puttin’ a sandwich on the hook.” Then he casts off the couch, onto the living room rug, to go “fishing”.

“Nooooo!” screeches Little Miss. “Don’t use my sandwich!!” She runs to the end of the plastic tape, makes a swooping grab at its end, and pretends to gobble it out of her hand. This repeats a few times, each sandwich-gobbling reaction becoming more desperate.

Finally, Tiern modifies the baiting of his hook: “Fine. Then I’ll use my sandwich,” he says as his hand manipulates the air at the end of his line.

“Oh! Okay.” Little Miss walks away.


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